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Today, women are taking charge of their sexual wellness be it in the form of self-love or with their partner. The variety of sex toys for girls available in India makes it possible for women to explore their bodies and pleasure points.

All sex toys for girls available at Onlinesexcare come from trusted brands providing only the best quality products. These women’s sex toys are made with skin-friendly materials to ensure safety and care for your intimates. Maintaining cleanliness and proper storing techniques ensures the longevity of all your vibrating and non-vibrating girl’s sex toys.


What are Women Sex Toys?

A lot of women today are unaware of women’s sex toys and their benefits. It is a widely recorded fact that most women do not (or ever have) experience orgasm during intercourse. Women also suffer from bedroom problems like low libido, painful sex, etc., sex toys for female come to the rescue for all women to fulfill their sexual needs as well as provide relief.

Women sex toys are designed while keeping in mind the vagina and other erogenous zones the way that they can stimulate. From popular sex toys for women like vibrators to BDSM friendly girl sex toys like nipple clamps and LGBTQ toys like strap; women sex toy options are endless.


Do Women Use Female Sex Toys in India? When Do They Use Them?

Contrary to popular belief, women in India do buy and use sex toys, girls sex toy is a revolutionary product category that many women use to fulfill their sexual needs and their fantasies.

In an Alone Time 

Masturbation sex toys for girls like vibrators and dildos are a big hit. These clitoral stimulators can open the gates to unmatched pleasure and climax with women’s sex toys. one can now dominate the experience and play with different speeds, settings, and intensities for an enjoyable experience. Both vibrating and non-vibrating sex toys for girls in different materials, shapes, and sizes are available at


With Her Partner 

Enjoying sex with your partner can prove extremely pleasurable for you that should not limit you from being adventurous, sex toys for female can be used with a partner to stimulate and excite yourself during foreplay as well as intercourse. Women’s toys are also widely shopped for to enjoy penetrative sex by couples where both partners are female. Including sex toys for girls into your sex routine can boost libido, bring excitement to vanilla sex, and enhance sexual wellness.


Benefits of Women Sex Toys 

Sex toys for girls have benefited innumerable women by giving them the gift of pleasure and unbelievable orgasms. Here why you should invest in one too –

  • Ladies sex toys stimulate the vagina walls, the clitoris, and almost all erogenous zones, this leads to intense feelings of pleasure and releases that not only brings you closer to the big ‘O’ but also acts as a de-stressing activity.
  • Women’s sex toys have the power to enhance your sex life, whether you’re suffering from low libido, a dull sex routine, or looking to add something kinky to your sexual encounters.
  • Girls’ sex toys are available in a variety that helps you choose what suits you best, with dildos, ben wa balls, strap on and butt plugs, experience and explore different sensations of pleasure.
  • Sex toys for women serve the purpose of making your sex life great, but did you know that these toys can also help to boost sex drive, increase arousal, and remedy painful sex for women.
  • Worries about accidental pregnancy? Using sex toys for girls is a safe way of paying out your sex fantasies without worrying about pregnancy.
  • Are you unaware of what feels like orgasms? One of the best benefits of using sex toys for girls is to experience stronger fulfilling orgasms.
  • Many women go through life without knowing if they’re having good sex, women sex toys can remedy that and give you the confidence that you need to explore your body and all the correct spots.


Do Indian Girls Use Sex Toys?

Indian women are now open to the gratification that can enjoy with sex toys. India is the 5th biggest consumer of adult toys and accessories, and we can be sure that most of these are women. There is a visible shift in sales of sex toys for women, both in metro cities as well as small towns, this proves that more women each day choose gratification for themselves in the form of women’s sex toys.

  • Women in India are exploring their sexuality and fulfilling their sexual needs with different masturbators for women available online.
  • Girls’ sex toys like vibrators, ben wa balls, and bondage accessories continue to rise in demand.
  • Through movies, web series, and mediums of entertainment, the use of women’s sex toys has been normalized, this has brought about a boost in confidence and encourages self-love.
  • Indian women are taking charge of their sexual needs and fighting loss in libido, inability to orgasm, and painful sex with the help of sex toys for women like kegel balls, sex machines, and clitoral stimulating vibrators.


Various Types of Girls Sex Toys Available at Kaamastra

This shopping guide is a useful and fun read for both beginners and experienced sex toy users. Whether you are looking to buy girls’ sex toys for the very first time or upgrade to a new collection of female sex toys, the below-mentioned information can provide insight into the different types of sex toys for women available at Kamasutra. It can also help you narrow down which one would arouse you the most.



A popular women’s sex toy bought and used by a lot of women around the world. Vibrators for women are immensely pleasurable toys used to feel pulsating vibrations and this sex toy for women is used for both solo plays as well as couple play. Vibrators, as the name suggests, are vibrating sex toys that come with multiple levels of speed and intensity to choose from, majorly used for penetrative sex and absolute must-have in every girl’s sex toy collection.



Similar to vibrators, dildos are phallus-shaped objects which can be used manually for penetration, designed to mimic the male penis dildos come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. One of the most popular sex toys for women, using a dildo for sex can boost your sex drive and make you experience intense orgasms. Sex toys for girls like the dildo give you the controls in your hands to thrust and stimulate as fast or slow you prefer.


3Strap On  

Would you like to indulge in role-playing with your partner or is your better half a woman too? Strapon is the perfect sex toy for female for the adventurous type in the bedroom. Women in India and around the world are exploring wild sex with sex strap ons. A strap on is a dildo fitted onto a harness that sits snug on your waist and goes around the hips, a makeshift penis if you will. With their woman partners wearing a strap on, men can experience anal sex and the benefits of prostate play while lesbian couples can indulge in vaginal penetration with their partner.


4Sex Machine 

Do you consider your partner to be your sex machine? Well, that’s great but wouldn’t it be fun to have another one in the bedroom too? The vibrating sex machines are usually heavier and a little bigger than any standard women sex toy, although handheld ones are also available. As the name suggests, this sex toy for women can be your sex buddy when your special someone is away as well as used for masturbation. Sex toys for women like the sex machine can spice up your sex routine, for example, ride it while performing oral sex for your partner or enjoy your alone time with it. This sex toy for girls is a great way to experience intense orgasms.


Tips to Clean Female Sex Toys

Women Sex toys are only as good as the condition they are maintained. These investments need to be taken care of to maintain the hygiene and shelf-life of the products. Since these sexy women’s toys come in contact with the most sensitive parts of your body, so this is important to clean and store them correctly.


1. Clean, Clean & Clean!

Remember to wash all girls sex toys before and after each use, right after you’ve bought it too. Gently cleaning women sex toys ensure that the surface is free from any bodily fluids and bacteria, these steps keep STI’s at bay and keep your toy healthy for longer.


2. Vibrating or Non-vibrating 

Manual girl sex toys like dildos and butt plugs can be boiled/ submerged in water (depending upon its material) and cleaned thoroughly. The Battery-operated machines only wiped down with a hot damp cloth after removing the batteries.


3. Cleaners 

Almost all Women’s sex toys can be clean with mild soap and warm water, but you can also invest in a good sex toy cleaner if needed. Remember, sex toys for women are skin-safe hence they do not require rough scrubbing or hard cleaners.


4. Understand The Material 

Your toy chest may have a lot of different toys made with different materials, girl sex toys are commonly made with silicone, stainless steel, or glass and each has its specific needs for cleaning and storing. To ensure that the integrity of the material is intact and that your sex toys for women last longer it is best to carefully clean and store toys in the way that the fabric/material calls for.


5. Storage

Now that you’ve cleaned and dry all your women’s sex toys, store all of them in soft cloth pouches or pieces of fabric. Remember to remove batteries and keep them separately away from the toys.


Buy Ladies Sex Toys from Onlinesexcare and Enjoy Delivery within 3 to 4 Business Days.

Whether you’re looking for a sexy present for your partner or something to gift to yourself, the range of female sex toys available at Kamasutra is sure to catch your eye. With the vast variety of sex toys for women, there is something for everyone to suit their requirements and desires. Shop for your favorite women’s sex toys and get them delivered within 2-5 days across India with fast shipping services and an easy COD payment option.

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