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Onlinesexcare houses a range of ayurvedic sex medicine designed to boost immunity and help you perform better in bed naturally. Issues in the bedroom are common for men and women both which is why there is a bunch of sex medicine for men as well as sex pills for women at our sex store to help you get back in the sack in a jiffy.

Sexual problems and the requirement of medicines for sex is nothing to be ashamed about, we encourage people to take these ladies sex problems head-on. A lot of factors can cause sexual irregularities which with the help of sex medicines for sex can be remedied.


Why It is Called Sex Medicine? 

As the name suggests sex medicines are medicines to help heal sexual problems like low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, etc. You can visit your doctor for sex medicines or sit back, relax, and find your fix for natural and Ayurvedic herb packed man sex medicine right here at Onlinesexcare.

These medicines are safe to use, have no side effects, and are infused with the goodness of fertility-boosting, performance-boosting, and healthy herbs.

The most common problems faced for men in the bedroom is erectile dysfunction, with the help of sex medicine for a long time you can enjoy sex like never before, similarly women too face issues pertaining to their hormonal conditions and age which can be remedied with sex medicine for female available at Onlinesexcare.


Some Precautions before Taking Sex Medicines

While you may want to rush to get your sex medicines, but it is important to remember that patience is key, and to heal you first need to take some necessary precautions.

  • Check expiration information, package, and dosage instructions on your sex medicines, and do not pop multiple pills because you’re not seeing results instantly.
  • The wide selection of sex medicine in ayurvedic form makes it easier to consume ayurvedic sex medicines; however, you may not be immune to allergens, check the labels and ingredients thoroughly before consumption.
  • Some medicines for sex are specific to certain problems and may be designed for either men or women, check thoroughly to not cause a hormonal imbalance.
  • Your sex drive or sexual problems may not be entirely caused by physical factors, consider de-stressing before opting to take sex medicines for sex. 


What are Different Types of Sex Problems, Its Causes & Sexual Wellness Medicines?

Many times people do not understand that they’re suffering from a sexual shortcoming, easily brushing off a bad experience in bed might be a short-term fix but using sexual problem medicine is a long-term one.

Various types of sex medicine for females as well as sex medicine for men can be found here at Kaamastra to boost sexual performance.


1. Low Sexual Desire 

The inability to feel arousal or wanting to have sex leads to less and less lovemaking, this is commonly referred to as a low sex drive and is one of the most common problems faced by both men and women.

Low sex drive can cause a rift in relationships as well as stress you out furthermore. Onlinesexcare has a range of the best sex medicine to boost your sex drive and make you feel aroused all over again.


Causes of Low Sex Drive 

  • Stress, work pressure, and difficult work-life balance
  • Relationship problems like arguments and disagreements
  • Underlying medical conditions or chronic diseases
  • Age, lack of sleep, and depression (or low self-image) can also affect arousal and libido


Medicines for Low Sex Drive

There are sex medicines dedicated to healing low sex drive in both men and women. The power of Shilajeet SS 5 X 10 Capsules found in the collection of pills to increase sex drive in males can boost energy and enhance sexual performance in men.

Similarly, the ‘Spot On G Spot Stimulating Gel for Women’ plays multiple roles by aiding vaginal dryness and low libido. Several other sex medicine for women & men can be found at


2. Increase Penis Size 

A common problem men face is being unhappy with their penis size, using ayurvedic penis enlargement sex medicines has benefitted men across the globe.

Worrying about how to increase dick size is a very real issue many men struggle through, the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.61 inches and a fully erect penis is 5.16 inches. The size of the penis does matter to most men as it is associated not only with sex but also with self-image and confidence.


Causes of Small Penis

  • Medical conditions like PDD (small penis syndrome), having a micropenis or a webbed penis, etc can be the reason for having a small penis.
  • Age and change in body weight can cause the penis to shrink due to Reduced blood flow.
  • Medical procedures like prostate surgery can also cause the penis to shrink.
  • Lifestyle changes, excessive smoking, and drinking also cause effects on the penis size as regular exposure to alcohol and tobacco can slightly damage the blood vessels.


Medicines to Increase Penis Size

Organic and natural treatments through sex medicine in Ayurveda in the form of supplements, creams, oil, and gels help increase the size of the penis.

It is possible to rejuvenate your penis health and increase the size by using several penis enlargement medicines available at Onlinesexcare; however, we recommend that you consult with a medical professional like your family doctor to gain insight on what would suit you best.


3. Tighten Vagina 

The Female vagina goes through a lot in a lifetime, the vaginal muscles and walls contract and return to the usual shape automatically. A lot of sexual problems in women cause the pelvic floor muscle to loosen over time.

Ladies sex medicine can provide relief to a lot of problems like weak pelvic floor muscles and involuntary urine leakage, read ahead to learn how to tighten the vagina and the medicines that can help you do so.


Causes of Loose Vagina

  • Childbirth is one of the most common causes of a loose vagina; the stretch caused to vaginal muscles during childbirth eventually comes back to the regular shape but not always completely.
  • Aging and factors like menopause is also a major cause of a loose vagina this also causes loss in libido and reduced sensation in the vagina wall.

Fact – Contrary to popular belief sex does not cause a loose vagina but tightening your vagina can most certainly cause immense pleasure during sex and increases your chances of enjoying an orgasm. 


Creams & Medicines for Vaginal Tightening 

Using products like kegel balls to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles through kegel exercises is one of the most effective ways to tighten your loose vagina.

You can also explore vagina tightening cream and ayurvedic sex medicines like the ‘Inlife Vaginal Tightening Gel 100GM’ to tighten your vagina and give way to more pleasurable experiences in the bedroom.


4. Increase Breast Size 

Breast size to women is what penis size is to men, for many women it does matter and affects one’s self-confidence.

Being unsatisfied with breast size is a common ladies problem, one that affects sexual wellness. With the help of increased breast size medicine, you can enhance small boobs and help compliment your figure no matter what body type you are.


Causes of Small Boobs 

  • Hormonal imbalance can be one of the causes; imbalance in the pH level of the vagina or your hormones can cause your breast size to shrink.
  • Underlying medical conditions and drastic changes in weight can also cause your breast size to decrease.
  • Sudden changes in diet or exercise routine should be done according to your body type, body weight, and muscle ratio to ensure that you are not causing shrinkage in your breast.


Breast Enlargement Products

Many female sex medicines can help with the above-mentioned problems, whether you have sagging breasts or small breasts, breast enhancement oil, creams, gels, and capsules can do the trick.

Some must-haves are ‘UpSize bust cream for women breast enlargement’, ‘Perfect Women 9 X 10 Capsules’ and ‘Boos Oil 100ML’, these enhancement products are known to stimulate blood flow, expand the fat tissues and improve the breast shape. Boost your breast’s overall look, health, and shape for a more confident and arousing look.


5. Sex Delay (Delay Ejaculation)

Using sex delay medicines can help you get rid of many sexual problems in men and help increase your stamina in bed.

Everyone enjoys lasting long in bed; ailments like premature ejaculation can become a barrier but with the help of sex delay medicines, you can satisfy your partner to the fullest. It is important to first understand the reason for your rapid climax and ways of how to delay ejaculation through sex medicines.


Causes of Premature Ejaculation 

  • Low confidence about your sexual performance, penis size, or body image
  • Stress and anxiety about external factors, mental health state like depression can too cause rapid climax.
  • Relationship problems and work pressure too create sexual setbacks and cause premature ejaculation.
  • Men too face hormonal imbalance which can be remedied with the use of sex medicines, abnormal levels of testosterone may cause quick climax.


Recommended Sex Delay Medicine 

If you want to last long in bed we recommend investing time in foreplay, clearing out your mind, and enjoying time with your partner and the support of some ayurvedic sex medicine.

There is a wide range of medicine to delay ejaculation available at Onlinesexcare that are packed with natural herbs and their nutrients.


6. Sexual Performance 

Are you happy with your performance in bed? If not this one’s for you. Learning and updating yourself time and again about how to increase sex time with medicine can be a boon, sex power capsule boosts mood, immunity, stamina, and overall sexual performance.

Sex can either enhance your relationship or make it awkward, save yourself from an uncomfortable morning-after, check out the collection of male enhancement sex medicines at Onlinesexcare.


Causes of Low Sexual Stamina 

  • An Unfit or unhealthy lifestyle from the foods you choose to eat to your exercise routine can have negative effects on your sexual stamina.
  • A sexual problem like poor erection can drain mental health too, leading to less stamina or arousal.
  • Smoking, drinking, and stress cause major health concerns as it is, overall low stamina in the body affects sexual performance too.


Medicine to Increase Sex Stamina 

With the collection at Onlinesexcare it is easy to find long time sex medicine name in India, whether you’re looking for increase sex power medicine for men or women, browse through the sex medicines to find cost-effective and safe options.


Buy Sex Medicine by Your Sexual Needs with 100% Discreet Delivery across India

Struggling through sexual dysfunction can take a toll on the body and mind, at a time like this looking for a sex medicine tablet you want to ensure that you choose hygienic, safe, and natural sex tablets for men without side effects.

The facilities at Onlinesexcare with payment options, quick shipping, and fast delivery ensure that your sex pills for women reach you discreetly within 2-5 days anywhere in India.

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