RETURN AND REFUND POLICY: Please note we have the following terms and conditions if you want to return an item or want a refund:

We offer return or refund in the following conditions:

  • If you receive a damaged item via Onlinesexcare RETURN AND REFUND POLICY
  • You need to send the photos and at least one video to prove that product is unused.
  • You need to check the item for any damage or flaw immediately after receiving it from Onlinesexcare.

  • It should not use the item before checking as the use of the item will disqualify it for return or refund.

  • A return request should be submitted within 24 hours of receiving the parcel.

  • After we determine that you qualify for a return or refund we will start the return or refund processing.

  • If we suspect that you want to return a used product return will not be accepted.

  • In the case of prepaid payment (via Razorpay, PayPal, or any other payment gateway), we shall process a full refund.

  • It may take more than 15 days to deliver your product. You can’t file a refund request due to delayed shipping before this time period.

  • If your refund request is accepted, it will take up to 7-15 days to get a refund in your bank account.