Buy Penis Enlargement Pumps Online in India

A penis pump or penis enlarger is a tube-like product inside which the penis needs to be placed. Once placed, depending on the mechanism (manual or automated), the pump helps release air and create a vacuum that pulls blood towards the penis.

This process can be used to fight many sexual problems and is usually recommended as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. While there are both manual and automatic penis enlarger pumps available at Kaamastra the use solely depends upon the user’s preference.

1. Manual Dick Pumps

As the name suggests, a manual pump gives you control in your hands. The functionality remains the same for both manual and automated penis enlarger pumps where you have to insert the penis into the tube for the vacuum to be created.

In manual pumps, you can control the speed and pump directly to let the blood flow towards the penis. This is a very helpful technique to cure erectile dysfunction. While using the manual pump, you may have to engross both your hands; one while holding the tube in place and the other using the pump function.

2. Automatic Penis Enlargement Pumps

Automated penis pumps are cylindrically shaped vacuum tubes, similar to manual pumps. These are easy to use and are safe too. Another non-invasive technique, these penis extenders can be used by men with erectile dysfunction.

Men of a certain age who may not be strong enough to use the manual function can opt for automatic penis pumps. This easy to use tool can be used single-handedly as the buttons and speed control is placed on the tube itself.

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      White Penis PumpWhite Penis Pump Quick View
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