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A sensual massage is perfect foreplay giving you and your partner plenty of time to be fully aroused and self-lubricate, the time leading up to sex is very important as you are in the mood and what to do everything to make that intensity grow.

PENIS ENLARGEMENT OIL is a sound choice as they promote safe and healthy sex and eliminates condom breakage cases to a great extent. It is recommended to experiment with sex oils for masturbation as well, if you have trouble getting in the mood or self-lubricating the texture, aroma, and warmth of sex oils can be a boon.

What better than to relax and explore your partner’s body in a sexy way, a sensual massage can prove to be beneficial in many ways and arouse both you and your partner.

This is an intimate way to connect with your partner and calm the nerves before sex, the power of touching is primal and quite arousing. Calming yourself before sex makes it easier to get into the mood, helps in lubrication, and eases you and your partner into the experience.

If you or your partner have skin sensitivity Lubricants may or may not suit you, it could prove to be a risky move.


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